Limar Air Master Aero Road Helmet

The Air Revolution range was a design collaboration with the Astana Pro Cycling Team to create a range of aero helmets that are all based around the fully functioning aerodynamics and specialising in different features.

This resulted in the team having a helmet that would absolutely specialise in that races profile or that days weather conditions because what a classics rider needs in early spring is very different to what a grand tour rider requires in the height of summer.

The Air Master was designed to get the delicate balance right between great aerodynamics and ventilation.
For this reason it is the most popular helmet with the Astana Riders.

We did this by utilising the Venturi Effect.

Usually when you make a helmet this aerodynamic there is a compromise on ventilation. The Venturi Effect occurs naturally when air enters a wide area and is pushed out through a smaller area which accelerates the air flow.

A combination of aero design and supreme ventilation makes the Air Master the great all rounder for all cyclists.



In-mould triple shell


15 air vents, inner air flow channels


AirFit-System with height adjustment and webbing connection


Antibacterial and washable comfort pads




M (53-57), L (57-61)


M (240), L (260)