Limar Air Speed Road Helmet With Magnetic Buckle

Official Helmet Of British Triathlon

The Air Revolution range was a design collaboration with the Astana Pro Cycling Team to create a range of aero helmets that are all based around the fully functioning aerodynamics and specialising in different features.

This resulted in the team having a helmet that would absolutely specialise in that races profile or that days weather conditions because what a classics rider needs in early spring is very different to what a grand tour rider requires in the height of summer.

The Air Speed is the fastest helmet in the Air Revolution Range and is used by World Tour Team Astana, UCI UK Continental Pro teams Vitus Pro Cycling, Swift Carbon Pro Cycling, Cams Tifosi Womens Pro Team and GB Triathletes.
Why because we proved through wind tunnel testing that it would improve their performance on the bicycle.

The Air Speeds performance is already proven in the wind tunnel and has been winning at world tour, grand tour stages, UK national series and tour series races.

The Air Speed has been further developed with the GB Olympic Triathletes with the addition of the magnetic buckle. You still get the proven aero gains which are now coupled with the magnetic buckle for smooth transitions. The Air Speed is now the perfect helmet for triathlon and is used by Great Britains world leading triathletes. We went beyond Wind Tunnel, Studies have proved that about 20% of the aerodynamic drag depends on the bicycle used during competitions, while the remaining 80% is due to the athlete’s position on the saddle.

The helmet is therefore the fundamental element to minimize the frontal area and to determine a better aerodynamic penetration. Not only did we do three-dimensional simulation supports, using CFD software, but we also took into account the numerous variables, especially in competitions, when the rider hardly remains on the saddle in the same position, moving the head countless times.

Designers found the perfect combination between aerodynamic advantage (wind tunnel test) and better dynamics both on open roads and in velodromes (tests in real-life environmental conditions). It was during one of the recent road training sessions in Calpe and indoor at the Valencia velodrome, that the Astana Team riders were able to really test the helmet.

Further testing at the Boardman Performance Centre against 5 other major brands similar helmets cemented the Air Speed as the ultimate aero road helmet.


If you want to improve your performance on the bike in any discipline then make the Air Speed your helmet of choice and start #savingwattswithlimar

WEIGHT 250 kg

Monoshell in-mould


12 air vents, 3 longitudinal inner air flow channels


AirFit-System with height adjustment and webbing connection


Antibacterial and washable comfort pads




S (52-56), M (54-58), L (57-61)


S (235), M(250), L (270)